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Collect, connect and share notes, bookmarks and feeds.

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Overview of DEXI notetaking dashboard.

Collect, connect and cross-reference ideas

DEXI brings all your notes, bookmarks and feeds into a searchable workspace where we help you find insights from your private knowledge graph.

DEXI knowledge graph example.

Organized notes

Stay in the flow and tag your notes with @mentions and #hashtags as you write.  In the background we use machine-learning to help categorize your notes.

DEXI full-text search example.

Full-text search

Easily find your notes with fast search across titles, text and tags, enhanced with synonyms and machine-discovered topics.

Example of cross-referencing notes in DEXI.


Discover relationships between your notes and edit them side-by-side. Connect the dots between notes with tags and backlinks or let us help you find similar notes.

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